Co-operators Central Alberta District

Hiring a comedian for a corporate event can be a tricky task as not all comedians can provide a PG show that everyone will find enjoyable. Lars’s routine was very funny and relatable to all our staff. Lars definitely had our group laughing. We were able to unmute some of our group so everyone, including Lars, could hear the laughter making it feel like we were right in a comedy club. I have heard back from many of our staff who thoroughly enjoyed his routine and we were still laughing days later.

External Affairs and Brand| NorQuest College

Lars was able to keep our audience laughing and entertained while remaining professional and courteous. Lars demonstrated flexibility and patience as we maneuvered our way from converting our live event to a virtual one and was more than accommodating with great suggestions and a commitment to ensure he provided the very best performance possible.

Canadian Liver Foundation

We wanted to make the event entertaining filled with humor and lots of fun so we decided to hire a comedian as luck would have it we saw Lars interviewed on CTV and reached out to him for the event Lars captivated the audience with his PG rated humor and interacted with au guests on the balconies We loved his personal touch and our guests truly enjoyed him Lars was truly a class act.

Veterans Affairs Canada

Lars Callieou performed for Veterans Affairs Canada, Prairie Area, via Zoom, during our National Public Service Week. His performance was very funny, clean, and professional. While it was certainly different to attend a performance this way, it was something that was enjoyed by all. Lars even found a way to interact with our group virtually (what’s a show without a bit of friendly heckling!).

Heritage Harley-Davidson

Heritage Harly-Davidson had Lars Callieou perform our annual Christmas PArty on Dec 9th, 2017. Lars’ show was great fun and alot of laughs! I am pleased to write this letter of reference, of your organization is considering a night of comedy for an event Lars comes highly recommended.

Canadian Livestock Curling Association

Lars performed at the Canadian Livestock Curling Association banquet on
February 2nd, 2019. He put on an excellent show with content that was clean and funny. We received great feedback from our group. Everyone appreciated Lars’s ability to engage the audience and we were all entertained from start to finish.

Royal Bank Of Canada

Last week, our team had the pleasure of attending a Virtual Employee Appreciation Event which included Lars Callieou as the main act for the evening. Not only was Lars entertaining and his comedy set was hilarious, he interacted with the participants throughout the evening which led to a higher level of interaction and engagement.

Viterra Inc.

Lars performed a Viterra’s Holiday Party in Regina, SK on December 2, 2016. He put on an excellent show, with content that was clean and funny. We received great feedback from our employees and their guests who appreciated Lars’ ability to engage the audience and keep them entertained from start to finish.

Jubilee Residences Foundation

Lars Callieou performed at the 4th Annual Jubilee Residences Oktoberfest Dinner & Comedy Night on Friday, October 19, 2018.  To say we were pleased with his performance would be an understatement.


On March 4th, 2021 we had the privilege of hosting Lars Callieou for a virtual comedy night for our Canadian offices which span Vancouver BC, Whitecourt AB, Fox Creek AB, Calgary AB, and St. Johns NFL. While it was during Covid, Lars and his friends at Infinite Event Services were able to put on a hilarious show that was both professional and appropriate for a corporate audience.