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Top 10

Top Ten Signs it's going to be a Good Bachelor Party

10. You’re instructed to bring your passport and a change of underwear.

9. You see the bride-to-be attaching a GPS locater to the groom’s ankle.

8. Your horoscope reads, “Jeff’s stag is going to be AWESOME!”

7. Molson offers to sponsor the party.

6. Rule # 1: No video phones or recording devices permitted.

5. The pre-party liquor purchases cause a nationwide shortage.

4. The producer of To Serve and Protect asks you to update him as to your whereabouts.

3. Las Vegas has a ‘Laws Broken’ Over/Under line… its set at 15.

2. Party Go-ers are required to wear dog tags.

1. The bestman has a briefcase full of money handcuffed to his wrist… and says, “Its bail money.”

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