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Top 10

Top 10 Signs You Eat a lot of Fast Food

10. The movie Super Size Me could be your biography.

9. Your idea of fine dining is eating Les Pommes De Terre avec Ketchup Aux Tomates.

8. Ronald McDonald sends you Christmas Cards.

7. You won employee of the month at Burger King… and don't even work there.

6. You have a picture of the Wendy's girl in your wallet.

5. Employees shout your name when you walk in the door.

4. You are able identify a fast food restaurant by its aroma… from 5 blocks away.

3. You have your own VIP table, parking stall and a running tab at KFC.

2. Employees recognize your voice on the drive through speaker.

1. You account for half of the 99 billion served.

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