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Common Household Items That Fix Wrinkles Video Link
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Top 10

Top Ten signs You Take TV too Seriously

10. You saved the cheerleader, now you’re developing a plan to save the world.

9. Before fooling around with your wife you ask, "Deal or No Deal?"

8. You sing "Who Are You" by the Who while playing Clue.

7. You set up Immunity Challenges in your living room to play along with Survivor.

6. When you see anything rotating you clap your hands and say, “C’mon big money!” Then try to solve the puzzle.

5. No matter what you’re doing you stop every 8 minutes to break for commercial.

4. You changed your hairstyle each week to match Sanjaya’s.

3. You have a map of your office floor intricately drawn on your body to plan an elaborate escape from work.

2. You refer to your family members as “the others”.

1. You start your stories with, “The following takes place between 12am and 1am.”

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