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Top 10

Top Ten Ways to Tell You Have a Bad Job

10. You started the job 5 minutes after you filled out the application.

9. You see Occupational Health & Safety on speed dial.

8. When your friends ask what you do, you reply, “I’m a consultant.”

7. The job you draw in prison is Salad Tosser… but they don’t lead you to the kitchen.

6. Your office: Whyte Avenue. Your work supplies: A bucket and a squeegee.

5. Benefits only cover gunshot wounds and stabbings

4. It has the word 'crack' or 'ho' in the title.

3. Your uniform has your name embroidered on the chest, spelled wrong.

2. The Company name is We Clean Latrines.

1. You hear there's fluffing involved only you don't see a single pillow.

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