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Top 10

Top Ten Ways to Make the Edmonton Grand Prix more interesting

10. Hold the race at the same time as the Capital Ex parade… on the same route.

9. Park a photo radar van on the straight away.

8. Incorporate Dukes of Hazzard Jumps and loop-dee-loops on the track.

7. After each caution, make cars race in the opposite direction.

6. Sell 'car part' souvenirs from the crashes.

5. Take a race car to Pre-Owned lot and ask, “How much will I get if I trade this in?”

4. Rookie pit crews chosen from the audience.

3. Allow little girls to decide starting position by how pretty the car is.

2. Post race Designated Drivers… in the actual race cars!

1. Bonus points for any driver who makes it through a Tim Horton's drive through at 210 km/h.

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